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Festive Hill Winery – Our Story

William Berrett
A true “Estate Winery” run by the Berrett family, the name “Festive Hill” was chosen to communicate our winery’s focus on life’s many celebrations.The Berrett family has been in the “celebration” business for centuries back to jolly-old England. Our great-great-great-grandfather, William Startup made candies in a factory in Manchester, England in the 1830’s, and by some accounts, his confections were popular with the court of King Henry IV.

In the 1950’s, the Startup family found themselves in the catering business in Pasadena, California. Grandson Ron entered the family catering business in the 1990’s with his own catering entity, and then transitioned into manufacturing and selling table linens and other party supplies in the early 2000’s.

Fortune smiled upon the Berrett family when they acquired a beautiful 20 acre estate in West Linn, Oregon in 2011. This gave Ron the opportunity to pursue another passion: wine-making. He partnered with Joe Gonzales, a multi-talented guy with extensive experience managing grapes in vineyards throughout California, and in 2014 they planted their first block of world famous Oregon Pinot Noir.  Since then, 8 more grape varietals have been planted, 14 acres in all, so in the coming years the list of small-batch, hand-crafted Festive Hill wines will continue to grow.

From sparkling to sweet, simple to complex, Festive Hill wines are intended to be enjoyed during one of life’s many celebratory events: a wedding, an anniversary, a party or other festivity, but they’re also perfect for when one feels inclined to just celebrate the wonder and bounty of life.

Since we produce a very limited amount of wines each year, Festive Hill’s wines are not sold through stores.  They are only available to purchase directly from our estate or through our website.